script which take a snap shot of Topas

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Operating Systems AIX script which take a snap shot of Topas
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Question script which take a snap shot of Topas

can any one give me a script which take a snap shot of Topas at a fix interval of 15min and save it in a perticular file!!!!!!!!
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What did you try on your own so far? Did you check the man page for topas if the output can be directed to a file?
As a starting point, read the man page for topas - if there is no such switch, maybe write a simple script using vmstat for example and put it into the crontab.

Good luck.
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if u can give me a Idea of how to do it....then i'll proceed b'coz i dont find a way how to go thru...
# 4  
Why bother with any of this when NMON is a free tool and NMON Analyser is also free. Save your self the pain!
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True, nmon is the way to go: there is a switch which puts nmon in "daemon mode", where it writes its output to a logfile. The sampling interval is configurable. This output can be analysed with "nmon analyzer", another free tool downloadable on the IBM freeware webpage for AIX. Unfortunately (to me, at least) the analyzer part is basically an "Excel" application and "Excel" only runs on some outlandish OS which i have not installed on any of my machines.

Still, the point zaxxon raised holds: it is always a good idea to at least give the solution a try and invest at least some effort into solving the issue before coming here asking for advice. We have banned homework questions for a reason and similarly we are not all too fond of helping people unwilling to help themselves.

I hope this helps.

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hey brother you can use one of the following tricks1) you can use xwd command which takes the dump of the screen into some file.go through the man page2) simply u can use tee command which will display the o/p on screen at the same time copy it to the file
# 7  
cd /etc/perf/daily
ls -lrt
topasout -a <<xmwlm>>.file
sort -o <<file>>.csv <<file>>.csv
ftp off and open in nmon


cd $x
if [[ $error != '0' ]] then
echo "There was an error running script: $0 $(date) please trouble shoot"
echo "This script could not cd to $x to convert the files to the nmon format"
LIST=$(ls | grep -v csv | grep xmwlm) #Do not grab any files that have been
#coverted already

for f in $LIST; do
# make the file.csv files here "man topasout" for help
topasout -a $f
sleep 3

# sort the file and set back as the same file name
# so the time stamps are right in nmon
sort -o $f.csv $f.csv
sleep 3

# encode so you can attach the file, and then send it to the exe person
# checking the .forward file if it exists.
uuencode $x/$f.csv $x/$f.csv | mail -s "Your-weekly-$f.csv-file" $USER
sleep 3
if [[ $error == '0' ]] then
rm $f.csv
echo "There were errors running script $0 at $(date) you will need to clean u
p the CSV files"
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