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AIX 5.1 install bos.sysmgt.nim.master failed

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Operating Systems AIX AIX 5.1 install bos.sysmgt.nim.master failed
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Old 07-13-2008
AIX 5.1 install bos.sysmgt.nim.master failed

I was trying to install bos.sysmgt.nim.master on AIX 5.1 with a mounted NFS source, but it failed:

# installp -agXd /nfs/aix51cd1 bos.sysmgt.nim.master
installp: APPLYING software for:

restore: 0511-123 The volume on /nfs/aix51cd1/installp/ppc/bos.sysmgt is not in backup format.
0503-405 installp: An error occurred while running the restore command.
Use local problem reporting procedures.

installp: CANCELLED software for:

But I can install it with the CDROM, how can I install with a local file system (or NFS)?

I already added the NFS mount into the /etc/filesystems, also if I copy the source to a local file systems, it also failed with the same "not in backup format" error.


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BOS_SETRESTRICTED(8)					       AFS Command Reference					      BOS_SETRESTRICTED(8)

bos_setrestricted - place a server in restricted mode SYNOPSIS
bos setrestricted -server <machine name> -mode 1 [-cell <cell name>] [-noauth] [-localauth] [-help] DESCRIPTION
The bos restricted command places the server in restricted mode. This mode increases the security of the bos server by removing access to a number of bos commands that are only used whilst configuring a system. When a server is in restricted mode, access to bos_exec, bos uninstall, bos install, bos create, bos install, bos delete, bos prune is denied, and the use of bos getlog is limited. CAUTIONS
Once a server has been placed in restricted mode, it may not be opened up again using a remote command. That is, bos setrestricted has no method of setting an unrestricted mode. Once a server is restricted, it can only be opened up again by sending it a SIGFPE, which must be done as root on the local machine. OPTIONS
-server <machine name> Indicates the server machine to restrict. -cell <cell name> Names the cell in which to run the command. Do not combine this argument with the -localauth flag. For more details, see bos(8). -noauth Assigns the unprivileged identity "anonymous" to the issuer. Do not combine this flag with the -localauth flag. For more details, see bos(8). -localauth Constructs a server ticket using a key from the local /etc/openafs/server/KeyFile file. The bos command interpreter presents the ticket to the BOS Server during mutual authentication. Do not combine this flag with the -cell or -noauth options. For more details, see bos(8). -help Prints the online help for this command. All other valid options are ignored. PRIVILEGE REQUIRED
The issuer must be listed in the /etc/openafs/server/UserList file on the machine named by the -server argument, or must be logged in as the local superuser "root" if the -localauth flag is included. As noted above, this command cannot be run against servers which are already in restricted mode. SEE ALSO
Copyright 2009 Simon Wilkinson <> This documentation is covered by the BSD License as written in the doc/LICENSE file. This man page was written by Simon Wilkinson for OpenAFS. OpenAFS 2012-03-26 BOS_SETRESTRICTED(8)

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