Need a UNIX terminal to practice... please help!!!

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Operating Systems AIX Need a UNIX terminal to practice... please help!!!
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Power Need a UNIX terminal to practice... please help!!!

Is there a web site that i can go to and practice my UNIX commands on their browser (terminal mode) or a telnet service that i can login to for free? I don't have a LINUX/UNIX system at home or at work, yet i want to hone my skils.

Thanks for all of your help,
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There are plenty of live CD out there you can use for a start, do a search in, I noticed its not the first time this has been asked here...
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i m not able to understand u...what wxactly u want to explain...
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A live CD e.g. knoppix
You boot on knoppix and you have a full linux implementation with the advantage of having installed nothing... When you are fed up, you end your session knoppix gives you back the CD before your PC reboots the "normal" way again...
Now you could download CYGWIN or utilities like ux4dos that are unix commands compiled for DOS...
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And not least:
If really you want to practice, then there is nothing like the true thing. So look on Ebay or other sites for good old server/workstation for almost nothing (less than 100$). then you can practice unix networking also...
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you could install vmware or virtual box and run solaris or linux
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