How to transfer files from AIX to AS400/i-series Integrated File System

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Operating Systems AIX How to transfer files from AIX to AS400/i-series Integrated File System
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Old 06-17-2008
How to transfer files from AIX to AS400/i-series Integrated File System

Hi all,
We (AIX) currently mount to a ZFS on the Mainframe. When one of our local users wants to transfer a file to the Mainframe, they must first run binary MVSLOGIN passing user name and password. Our mainframe will be retired soon and business processes will be transferring to an AS400/i-series.

Our AS400 admin is not happy to use NFS on their system (not enough logging) and would prefer a method where our users (AIX) authenticate to them as was done with MVSLOGIN. What is the best method of connecting to the AS400 while still being able to do unix type cp/mv commands from our side?

Any suggestions?
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Old 06-18-2008
Is the data transfer done on a "per-instance basis" or are the users working with files across platforms? If the first is the case ftp (or some securized variant: sftp, scp, ...) might be sufficient and no nfs is needed.

On the other hand: why should a user who has already authenticated himself on the UNIX machine authenticate himself again on the AS/400? If you put two identical locks on your door which are opened by the same key that doesn't rise the security, yes?

You might find some interesting observations in this document: AS/400 and LINUX Integration

I hope this helps.

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Old 12-04-2008
In the AS/400 the user profile may need to be the same.
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