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Fibre channel drivers on RS/6000 aix 5L

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Operating Systems AIX Fibre channel drivers on RS/6000 aix 5L
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Fibre channel drivers on RS/6000 aix 5L

Want to configure IBM raid strorage but the aix 5L cds do not have the drivers for the fibre channels. The machine is RS/6000. I have gone to IBM downlaodable sites but i can't find the drivers? help plizSmilie
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Originally Posted by Zim-Aix-Guru
Want to configure IBM raid strorage but the aix 5L cds do not have the drivers for the fibre channels. The machine is RS/6000. I have gone to IBM downlaodable sites but i can't find the drivers? help plizSmilie
Identify the adapter number in lsdev then using the adapter name run lscfg -vpl <adaptername> and read the FC adapter type. Go back to the IBM website and search for the adpater type which will the latest firmware level of your adapter. Download the firmware updaet and away you go.
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are drivers and firmware the same thing?
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The problem Johnf, is that the machine does not have any drivers for fibre-channels, so, lsdev -Cc adapter, does not list fcadapter at all. All i want is an indication of where can i download the fc adapter drivers for aix5L. Thanx
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You cannot download drivers, only updates.
You will need AIX install media (CD / DVD) for the driver base filesets.
If the adapter was released after your level of AIX media then download or ask your supplier for a media refresh at the level required to support your new adapter.
What type of adapter is it?

Fibre filesets:


Driver Filesets:

IBM FC 6227: devices.pci.df1000f7
IBM FC 6228: devices.pci.df1000f9
IBM FC 6239: devices.pci.df1080f9
IBM FC 5716: devices.pci.df1000fa

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