hard disk and san

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Operating Systems AIX hard disk and san
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hard disk and san

Hello everyone

I got several aix boxes with aix 5.3

I got a ibm san ds4500

My question is

How can I do a match between my disks on aix and the san?

I try to do a match with the LUN but for example. In my san I got several 1 LUN and on one of my aix box I got this

If I type lscfg -vl hdiskXXXXXX

hdisk5 U787B.001.DNW7688-P1-T14-L8-L0 16 Bit LVD SCSI Disk Drive (73400 MB)
hdisk6 U787B.001.DNW7688-P1-C1-T1-W200200A0B8213919-L2000000000000 1742-900 (900) Disk Array Device
hdisk7 U787B.001.DNW7688-P1-C1-T1-W200200A0B8213919-L3000000000000 1742-900 (900) Disk Array Device
hdisk8 U787B.001.DNW7688-P1-C1-T1-W200200A0B8213919-L4000000000000 1742-900 (900) Disk Array Device

the first disk is a internal disk right.
the red color is the LUN if Im right.
but the others from hdisk6 to n are on the san

How can I match my disk on the san an on my aix box?

All this is because I get to increase a space on a disk on some servers.

Thanks for your replys
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I don't know the DS4500 storage. I will assume it is similar to its "big brothers" DS6xxx and DS8xxx. We have a DS6800 and a DWS8100 on a SAN. On AIX we installed MPIO drivers and utilities (SDD PCM). One of these utilities is "pcmpath". If you execute "pcmpath query device" it shows a list of all your hdisks with a serial number. Using these serial numbers you can lookup the LUNs on your DS4500 using a command like "lsfbvol" on dscli. I am assuming you are using dscli, but you can use also use the web interface.
For more details take a look at "http://www-304.ibm.com/systems/support/supportsite.wss/supportresources?taskind=3&brandind=5000028&familyind=5329608&typeind=0&modelind=0&osind=0"

Hope it helps.
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Originally Posted by bravo
[...]I will assume it is similar to its "big brothers" DS6xxx and DS8xxx. [...].
Unfortunately it is rather different. Only RDAC, no SDD, no SDDPCM.
Coming to think about this I would try
# fget_config -vA
to identify which disk from the DS4K is which hdisk device in the AIX server.
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On AIX. Use

# lsattr -El hdisk10
PR_key_value none Persistant Reserve Key Value True
cache_method fast_write Write Caching method False
ieee_volname 600A0B800019C81800003FF647FC5907 IEEE Unique volume name False

compare "ieee_volname" Value with Logical Drive ID. You can get Logical Drive ID from property of Logical dirve in storage manager client.Smilie
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hard disk and san

Thanks for your replys bravo, shockneck and Mayank Shah

Now I get I match about my disks.

But I have another question.

I have almost 15Tb of disk on my san

but assigned and something else I have almost 11Tb

There is a command to know, what its my real total storage capacity and

another command to know how I used.?

Thanks again in advance
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