AIX routing and TCPIP. Anyone find any good Tutorials?

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Operating Systems AIX AIX routing and TCPIP. Anyone find any good Tutorials?
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Old 02-29-2008
AIX routing and TCPIP. Anyone find any good Tutorials?

HI All,

Does anyone out there know of any good online tutorials for the basics of routing, gateways, networking with AIX, preferably the more recent versions like 5.2/5.3?

Using commands such as netstat, smit mkroute, etc. to connect to boxes on a network, and load software with networked file systems. I have an age-old CD on TCP/IP with AIX but it dates back to around 1998.

I'm not in that select group that can afford to sign up for a class, or to get my company to pay for it. Thanks much for any advice!
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Old 03-04-2008
Probably the CD you have is quite up-to-date, as nothing substantial has changed in this time in IP networking as well as in the part of AIX that deals with it. You could also get a copy of Andreas Siegerts "The AIX Survival Guide", which covers every aspect of AIX, but only up to 4.3.. I'd recommend it nevertheless as the has been no better book about AIX since and most of the information is valid for AIX 5.x also.

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