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Old 02-20-2008

Hi, I try to understand how to configure my ethernet network in a hacmp cluster.
I have 2 nodes, 3 lan port on each node, and 1 service ip to cluster.
I don't have any serial o iscsi heartbeat.
Do you suggest me a possibile ip address configuration? I've many error whene I verify it from hacmp menu.
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Old 02-27-2008
hi, you can find a red book, book name as : SG246375,,, in this book ,, you can get the answer .
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Old 02-27-2008
baochengchen - while being correct - is a bit short on the topic.

First off it depends which version of HACMP you are planning to use. HACMP v4.x uses concepts which are completely different from HACMP v5.x (in fact it is often easier to explain HACMP 5 to people who have never worked with HACMP than to people familiar with HACMP 4).

So please tell us which version of AIX and HACMP you are going to use and which type of cluster you want to achieve: are the two cluster nodes (lets call them A and B) both working or is one idle (is it a "cascading" or a "rotating" cluster)?

There are setups where the production is on node A and some test/development environment on node B. If node A fails, the test environment is shut down and Node B acts as if it were Node A with the production. If Node B fails nothing happens. This layout is called "cascading".

If you have an application A on Node A and an application B on node B and whenever one of the nodes fail the other will take over and run both apps or if you have only one app and 2 nodes where one will always be idle this is called a "rotating" type of cluster.

So to tell you what you have to do you will have to tell us more about your plans and about your equipment with which you want to achieve your goals.

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Old 05-21-2008
I use HACMP 5.x

My configuration is like:
- 2 nodes with 3 or 4 nic;
- 2 application server to cluster;

thanks for replies
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