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file system space arg !!! and confused

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Operating Systems AIX file system space arg !!! and confused
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Old 02-19-2008
file system space arg !!! and confused

Aix 5.2 on a P510 RS6000
My /usr filesystem is sized at 3.8 gb. Check me if I'm wrong here but this should be enough space for /usr?

When I installed the o/s I just followed the defaults, didn't add any 3rd party apps, least that I know of.
My problem is that it's running at 90% capacity. Once in awhile I'll reboot the server and it will drop down to 60%. But then slowly but surely it will start climbing back up to 90% and once in awhile I will add space to the filesystem.

I need help in figuring out what's eating up my file system space?
This is driving me a bit batty, I'm tired of fighting it.

I use "find /usr -xdev -mtime 0 -ls" and never find anything that's been added that I wouldn't expect to find, such as log files.

I use "find /usr -xdev -size +2048 -lr | sort -r" to find large files and never find anything that I've not already seen.

I'm asking for troubleshooting tips or hints on solving this problem. I can add space, but like I said once in awhile I'll reboot and it will drop down to 60%, then start climbing back up.

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Old 02-19-2008
Looks like some logfile is being written somewhere in the /usr hierarchy.

Try the following:

1. reboot
2. Initially after rebooting issue a "find /usr -ls > some_file"
3. wait a few days/hours/whatever it takes to fill /usr up again
4. do a "find /usr -ls > some_other_file" and compare the two.

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Old 02-20-2008
Thanks, I'll give it go.

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