[AIX 5.2] Problem with rpm

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Operating Systems AIX [AIX 5.2] Problem with rpm
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Old 02-01-2008
[AIX 5.2] Problem with rpm

I downloaded gcc-cplusplus-4.0.0-1.aix5.2.ppc.rpm from IBM AIX Toolbox Download Page - Alphabetical Listing

-bash-3.00# rpm -ivh gcc-cplusplus-4.0.0-1.aix5.2.ppc.rpm
error: gcc-cplusplus-4.0.0-1.aix5.2.ppc.rpm cannot be installed

I can't understand wht kind of error is it... Can be a dependency problem?

-bash-3.00# rpm -qa|grep libstdc

Moreover I have libc.a and libiconv.a in /usr/lib (and /usr/lib is in $PATH).
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Old 02-01-2008
Originally Posted by untamed
I can't understand wht kind of error is it... Can be a dependency problem?
Why don't you use the "-R" option of rpm to find out?

Moreover I have libc.a and libiconv.a in /usr/lib (and /usr/lib is in $PATH).
It doesn't matter if /usr/lib is in $PATH or not, as libraries are searched for along the contents of $LIBPATH. Furthermore /usr/lib is the the path for SYSTEM libraries, have a look at /usr/local/lib for third-party-libraries.

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