How to send big files over slow network?

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Operating Systems AIX How to send big files over slow network?
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Old 01-27-2008
How to send big files over slow network?


I am trying to send oracle archives over WAN and it is taking hell a lot of time. To reduce the time, I tried to gzip the files and send over to the other side. That seems to reduce the time. Does anybody have experienced this kind of problem and any possible ways to reduce the time.

I know rsync reduces time, but not sure how much or is it better to use.
Also somebody says sftp.

Any comments...
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Old 01-27-2008

sftp is a simple ftp protocol + an encryption layer over that protocol => the transfer time is not really boosted.
It's better to try rsync, cause this use some differential updload mechanism to synchronize the file(s). (so, if you have a file already uploaded to your target server, rsync will do a smart synchronization between your new file on your machine, and the target file on the server <<target_machine>>)

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