AIX on windows based computer.

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Operating Systems AIX AIX on windows based computer.
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Old 12-23-2007
AIX on windows based computer.


We would like to perform tests on a product that my company created lately.
We don't have the right hardware for AIX enviornment
I've read the thred "Unix environments for MS Windows", but didn't see there a possibility to install AIX OS on a special compatible hardware.

We've managed to install SOLARIS on a VMWARE server eviornment.

Is it possible to find a similar virtual machine software that will manage to implement AIX on windows based computer?

Thanks in advance,
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Old 12-23-2007
None available that I know of.
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Old 12-23-2007
Currently AIX on Intel is not available for the public. There was a rumour that IBM developed an Intel Edition when AIX 5L was released. However the edition was never available for public.

There are few PowerPC emulators but none of them support AIX according to my knowledge.
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Old 12-23-2007
Already looked into this.

Short answer: no.
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Old 01-17-2008
there's none even emulator...if there's tell me Smilie
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Old 01-17-2008
IBM was porting AIX to Intel for Itanium back in 2000-2001 (Project Monterey), but delays in the chip release got IBM to shelve the project. One of the challenges was making the code "endian-neutral" since x86 is little-endian but PPC is big-endian. In theory, AIX could now be built for Intel platforms fairly easily, but IBM has little reason to do so. It's not out of the question but there's been no stated intent.

Project Monterey - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Actually, AIXv3 had an Intel version, if you can find a copy! I bet that would run in a VMWare appliance, too. But sheez that is old...1995 I think.
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Old 01-18-2008
Originally Posted by gus2000
Actually, AIXv3 had an Intel version, if you can find a copy! I bet that would run in a VMWare appliance, too. But sheez that is old...1995 I think.
When i started to work with AIX back in 1994 the latest version was 3.2.3 if i remember correctly (the age, y'know ;-)) ). I can't remember when AIX 3 was released but it was definitely earlier than that.

bakunin (one helluva old fart of computer business)
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