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Old 12-18-2007
NIS server

Hi all,

Kindly can help to config the NIS master server in AIX 5.3 ?

Many Thanks.

My procedure:

smit yp -> Change NIS Domain Name of this Host
smit yp -> Configure / Modify NIS -> Change / Show Characteristics of Master Server Configuration
The "Current domain anme of this host" & "Domains being served by this master" already show "TESTING"

# hostname

# domainname

# ypinit -s TESTING
dump_ypmaps: 1831-175 Cannot bind for domain TESTING.
Reason: internal yp server or client error
ypinit:1831-485 Cannot enumerate maps from TESTING.
Please check that it is running.
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Old 12-19-2007
Reading the error messages helps (sometimes) ;-))

Originally Posted by tyu
Please check that it is running.
is your problem. Enter:

lssrc -g yp

and if your output looks like:

# lssrc -g yp
Subsystem         Group            PID          Status 
 ypserv           yp                            inoperative
 ypupdated        yp                            inoperative
 yppasswdd        yp                            inoperative
 ypbind           yp                            inoperative

Then issue:

startsrc -g yp

I hope this helps.

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