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trouble changeing password for user

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Operating Systems AIX trouble changeing password for user
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Old 12-12-2007
Question trouble changeing password for user

I am trying to change a password for a user I just created. Everytime I do I recieve this message.

3004-622 An error occurred updating the password database.
3004-709 Error changing password for "heather1" : Value is invalid.

I have made plenty of users and never had this happen before. I can create the user mkdir and chown but can't can't change the password.
Any ideas?
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Old 12-12-2007
(a) confirm that heather1 truely does exist, eg in /etc/passwd or wherever.

(b) do you have password rules enforced?
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Old 12-12-2007
Lacking further information about the system i can only guess:

1st possibility:
you have simply written the username wrong in some way. Find out by exploring the file /etc/passwd and see if you can find the name there and how it is written exactly (maybe you have made a typing error while creating the user?), use "set list" in vi to display possible non-printing characters

2nd possibility:
Maybe your root filesystem is full and that prevents /etc/passwd and /etc/security/passwd from being updated. Check by issuing "df -k /". If this is the case correct it and run the following commands to resynchronize the user database:

usrck -t ALL
pwdck -t ALL
grpck -t ALL

Afterwards the problem should be solved.

3. possibility:
The user database got corrupted because of some other problem. Th following commands should solve the problem for the user, <user-id> is the id of the user in question:

pwdck -n <user ID>
pwdck -p <user ID>


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Old 12-12-2007
Originally Posted by bakunin
... or you could try smit.

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Old 12-12-2007
Originally Posted by porter
... or you could try smit.

Ah, come on! Using simple tools to solve complex problems is not sportsmanlike, is it?

Btw. in case of possiblity 2 the way to rebuild the user database is not included in SMIT as far as i know. So probably this method is only feasible if you extend SMIT by writing a SMIT panel doing exactly that yourself. While this is indeed possible it goes far beyond the scope of the problem at hand. ;-))

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Old 12-13-2007
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Old 12-13-2007

The option 2 stated by BAKUNIN is the one that worked. I ran the pwdck -t ALL and it found the problem. I just selected yes to fix invalid password field.
Thank you for all your help

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