Problem with NFS & rpc.lockd-Help Needed

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Operating Systems AIX Problem with NFS & rpc.lockd-Help Needed
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Old 09-20-2007
Problem with NFS & rpc.lockd-Help Needed

We have windows clients that access drawing files shared from our AIX server using NFS. The Windows clients are intermittently unable to open files or access the system. For some reason restarting the rpc.lockd temporarily resolves the problem. However, that is the only clue I have to what the issue is. Our UNIX admin just quit. I was his backup, but my knowledge of the system is limited. Please Help.
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Old 09-21-2007
So generally it works until some point in time? Is it always the same amount of time until it stops working? What error messages do the clients get, if any? What's the output of "nfstat"?
Did it work before the other admin left or was there some changes to the server or the clients?
Any entries in the error report ("errpt" or "errpt -a")?
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