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Add printer connected to a axis printserver

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Operating Systems AIX Add printer connected to a axis printserver
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Old 06-20-2007
Add printer connected to a axis printserver

Hi guys,

I have a AIX 4.3 system, and I need to configure a printer, but that printer it's connected to a axis print server. I have lot of years working with unix, but never added a printer in a AIX system. I need to add using "remote print queue", and add the hostname and ip to the /etc/hosts?

Thanks for all.
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Old 06-20-2007
AXIS printer on AIX

I will try to help on this.
Provided your AXIS print server with IP address.
'smit hosts' and select "Add a Host". Assign the IP to a host name say "axis123"
'smit printer' and select "Print Spooling" followed by "Add a print queue". Select "remote" and "Standard Procession".
Give a name to the print queue and "axis123" to the HOST name. Assign the remote print queue (pr1 or pr2 normally default set for AXIS print server represent 1st/2nd slot for printer). <ENTER> to confirm.
Print queue ready to use.
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Old 06-21-2007
thanks kwliew999

My really problem was in remote print queue, now it's resolved.

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