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Operating Systems AIX Problem with nim installation
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Old 04-27-2007
Error Problem with nim installation

Dear Frnz,

I have a strange problem with nim installation.

I am able to push the image from Nim server to the client and the Os is reinstalled successfully.But after the installation the client doesnt hold any host name or ip address.That is the host name is assigned as local host and ip is blank.So everytime i need to manually assign the hostname and ip to the client.

Os version is 5.1-05

Could any one tell me where is the problem.
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Old 04-27-2007
When you configured the client , you should have entered these information which is actually pulled from /etc/hosts file of the nim server.

Logon to the nim server,

echo "x.x.x.x server01" >> /etc/hosts
Add server01 as a nim client on nim server
Allocate resources

Reboot the client to boot through the LAN [ nim server's bootpd ]. And you should have evrything configured.


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Old 05-02-2007

Thanks Kapil.
It works now.... Smilie
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