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Problems insalling aix 4.3

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Operating Systems AIX Problems insalling aix 4.3
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Problems installing aix 4.3

Hello, I am an AIX newbie and I am having some difficulties installing 4.3. I need the installation to be 4.3, nothing newer, because that is a customer requirement. I did an initial install and just chose a default installation, but that has filled up the /usr to 100% and I'd just like to start over and set the partitions myself.

However, I have been unable to get the install program to start again. I tried to use the websm utility to do an overwrite install, but that seems to only load the system from the hard drive again.

I also have tried to do the install from the menu where you can select boot order sequence, ok prompt and a couple other options, including an install from option. However selecting install from CD only seems to produce a cryptic error message of 20ee000c. There is also another error # that comes up when the server is booting up from disk.

The server is an ibm rs6000 server.

Any help would be appreciated.


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RS6000 is only a brand name what is the model number 43P 44P F50 this should be on the machine somewhere, usually on the front. You will probably need to access the SMS menu but that will have to wait until we know what the model is.
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Hi johnf,

The model number reads 7046-B50.

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OK You will need to access the SMS menu. As the machine boots up and if you are using an LFT (Not a serial terminal as the console) you will see the various drivers load up along the bottom of the screen. At this point start pressing the F1 key to start SMS. Inside the SMS system you will find amongst other things the boot order of the machine. The likelihood is that the CD drive is not even in this. Change the order so as to boot off the CD first and HD0 second. This should solve your problem.
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I have just noticed that you appear to have done this anyway. Check then that the CD is the first device. Better still take HD0 out altogether! Make sure you are doing this from inside the SMS menu!
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I'm not familiar with the B50, but does it have a service switch which might be necessary to boot from CD?
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This server does not have a server switch. I can try to set up the boot order to do cdrom and not have hd0 listed at all.

However, there is an install from option that I select and then I tell it to install from the cdrom. However, it only produces that error # code and doesn't start any install. The cdrom drive does not even begin to spin up when I select this option even. One other point to note, is that when I put in the cdrom at any time, once it spins up, the light in the front of the cdrom turns amber. I am not sure if that really is signifying anything or not.

Lastly, when it boots from the hard drive, there is an error code # it displays at some point, but it still boots up (I want to overwrite this install anyways).


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