a process that never stop

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Operating Systems AIX a process that never stop
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Old 01-27-2007
a process that never stop

Dears all

i have an AIX box in which i am facing a problem with a process as below:

/usr/dt/bin/dtexec -open 0 -ttprocid

and each time i am killing this process with "kill -9" then it run again after a while.

any ideas or solutions will be appreciated.
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Old 01-27-2007
The same process, or a different PID each time? What is the parent process?
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Old 01-27-2007
you should change the entry in the inittab-file...
probably that entry is stating now "RESPAWN". It will respawn every time you kill the process...
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Old 01-28-2007

it is the same process respawned again with a different process ID with the same PPID which is for "/usr/dt/bin/dtsession" when greping for that PPID.

also i searched the inittab but i could not find anf entry for this PID or even it's PPID.

please advice.
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Old 01-28-2007
It's part of a CDE desktop. Log out all users using CDE and login with ssh/telnet and it won't be there. Next you need to find out who's it is, does everyone get the process, or is it specific to a single user.
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Old 01-29-2007
First off why do you want to kill the CDE? All this is is an XWindows desktop and unless you have users with an X station or an X emulator such as Hummingbird Exceed running on a PC no one will be able to use it. Also as I do not know what form of RS6000 this is I can only surmise that the session you are seeing is the console running on an LFT (Low Function Terminal) plugged into a graphics card.

I would strongly advise not to kill it or as someone has suggested not take the entry out of the inittab as this will cause all sorts of problems when you re-boot!
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Old 01-29-2007
this process seems to efftect other running processes and they can not be started unless i kill that CDE-related process. this process is just related to the root user.

should i logoff any logins from the console terminal??

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