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AIX 5 print queue

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Operating Systems AIX AIX 5 print queue
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Old 08-04-2006
AIX 5 print queue

I have setup a printer and queue using SMIT and I have set the default tray to 4. What I am trying to find out is if there is a way to set the next tray it trys to use if tray 4 is empty to tray 3, then tray 2, then tray 1.

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LP(1)							      General Commands Manual							     LP(1)

lp - printer output SYNOPSIS
lp [ option ... ] [ file ... ] DESCRIPTION
Lp is a generalized output printing service. It can be used to queue files for printing, check a queue, or kill jobs in a queue. The options are: -d dest Select the destination printer. If dest is list the currently available printers. In the absence of the destination is taken from the environment variable LPDEST. Destination is the standard output. Destination is line printer port on a 386 machine. -p proc The given processor is invoked. The default processor is which tries to do the right thing for regular text, troff(1) output, or tex(1) output. If no processing is desired may be specified. -q Print the queue for the given destination. For some devices, include printer status. -k Kill the job(s) given as subsequent arguments instead of file names for the given destination. The remaining options may be used to affect the output at a given device. These options may not be applicable to all devices. -c n Print n copies. -f font Set the font (default -H Suppress printing of header page. -i n Select paper input tray. n may be a number 0-9, the word man for the manual feed slot, and/or simplex or duplex to get single or double sided output. Multiple input tray options may be specified if they are separated by commas. -l n Set the number of lines per page to n. -L Print pages in landscape mode (i.e. turned 90 degrees). -m v Set magnification to v. -n n Print n logical pages per physical page. -o list Print only pages whose page numbers appear in the comma-separated list of numbers and ranges. A range n-m means pages n through m; a range -n means from the beginning to page n; a range n- means from page n to the end. -r Reverse the order of page printing. -x v Set the horizontal offset of the print image, measured in inches. -y v Set the vertical offset of the print image, measured in inches. EXAMPLES
eqn paper | troff -ms | lp -dsafari Typeset and print a paper containing equations. pr -l100 file | lp -l100 -fCW.8 Print a file in a small font at 100 lines per page. lp -dstdout /dev/windows/3/window > Convert a bitmap to a postscript file. SEE ALSO
lp(8) P. Glick, ``A Guide to the Lp Printer Spooler''. BUGS
Not all options work with all output devices. Any user can kill any job. Lp will accept jobs from BSD style lpdaemons but cannot send jobs to such systems. LP(1)

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