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AIX lsvg strange LV STATE and MOUNT POINT

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Operating Systems AIX AIX lsvg strange LV STATE and MOUNT POINT
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Old 10-31-2019
AIX lsvg strange LV STATE and MOUNT POINT

What does it mean when your LV STATE changes to closed/syncd? What does it mean when your mount point is #? I was not able to mount it or write data to it. So in this case since there was no data in /opt/cvt I used rmlv to get rid of it. Why did I have to manually edit /etc/filesystems to get rid of that data?

lsvg -l rootvg | grep fslv
fslv00              jfs2       32      32      1    closed/syncd  #

grep -ip "/opt/cvt" /etc/filesystems
        dev             = /dev/fslv00
        vfs             = jfs2
        log             = /dev/hd8
        mount           = true
        account         = false

What does it mean when your mount point is #? In this case it was open so I am still able to write data to it and it mounted in the correct place.

lsvg -l rootvg | grep ap1003
ap1003              jfs2       8       8       1    open/syncd    #

grep -ip "ap1003" /etc/filesystems
        dev             = /dev/ap1003
        vfs             = jfs2
        log             = /dev/hd8
        mount           = true
        account         = false

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Old 11-04-2019
# probably indicates that something is wrong with your mountpoint - for example that it does not exist any longer, or that some other filesystem in a VG imported before this one has the same mountpoint configured, so this one cannot use it. For your other question, rmlv does only remove the LV in question, rmfs would remove the entire filesystem (which you probably cannot use when you do not have a mountpoint)

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