Half part of devices is in defined mode

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Operating Systems AIX Half part of devices is in defined mode
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Half part of devices is in defined mode

I have an old p5 570 ibm server that consists of two enclosure and make by FC1847 cable, single 8 processors server.
So, after one part of it, accidentally was turned off, I lost all devices from it.
Now they all in defined mode, for example:
dodo:/# lsdev -Cc processor
proc0  Available 00-00 Processor
proc2  Available 00-02 Processor
proc4  Available 00-04 Processor
proc6  Available 00-06 Processor
proc8  Defined   00-08 Processor
proc10 Defined   00-10 Processor
proc12 Defined   00-12 Processor
proc14 Defined   00-14 Processor

cfgmgr doesn't help at all, how can I restore all these devices

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Try first is running
rmdev -Rdl devicename

on each of the missing devices followed by the usual cfgmgr. This obviously implies that the drawer that was previously turned off has meanwhile been turned on again. If this does not work, a reboot will be your only option.

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I try to restart this server few times, but it not help, also try rmdev -Rdl after which device totaly dissapeared and cfgmgr cant find it.
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did you try restarting the entire frame? If that still does not help, check that your other drawer is REALLY powered on, that all cables are connected ... the physical stuff. If that STILL does not work, than your power off has probably fried your board. Just out of curiosity - what does asmi think about the status of the second drawer? And how does your frame look from HMC perspective.
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Yes this drawer is turned on, but I cant login to HMC of this server, when I login to ASMI I dont see any abnormal things.
# 6  
as I said - try to IPL the frame - so it can re-initialize this drawer - and your cpus should hopefully come back
# 7  
Do you mean turn off server and after turning it on. If yes, I did it, and it not helped(
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