Hard drive compatibility for POWER6 p520

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Operating Systems AIX Hard drive compatibility for POWER6 p520
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Once again, many thanks! This sort of information is very hard to find on the net! I'll keep posting updates as my project progresses.
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Just wondering, any luck with other drives in your p520? Morbid minds want to know Smilie
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Thanks for the interest Smilie I managed to score a couple of IBM power system drives on ebay and they seem to work just fine! I am only using them for data storage at the moment, no rootvg on them yet. Haven't gotten to trying out a third party drive yet.

I've disconnected them for the moment and currently keeping them as backup in case the current rootvg drive fails.
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Sometimes can find some nice stuff on ebay. Good luck with your endeavors!
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you should be able to use any seagate or hitachi SAS drive up to 146GB (as IBM does not produce harddrives any more, they usually use seagates), potentially as well bigger ones but in my experience the compability issues are much higher the bigger the disks are.
Ideally - if you have access to a working AIX box - initialize the disk on a running AIX system before you plug it into the other box.
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