How do I set up a Zebra Printer on AIX?

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Operating Systems AIX How do I set up a Zebra Printer on AIX?
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How do I set up a Zebra Printer on AIX?

Hi All

We have a Zebra LP 2824 that we are wanting to use to print mailing labels from our AIX 7.1 server.

We have around 350 printers of various types and manufactures already installed and functioning so, we don't want to install CUPS.

I can get the printer to print using Line Mode but, the orientation is 180 degrees out and I don't see anything in the Line Mode Programmers Manual to correct this.

Zebra does not have printer drivers for Native Unix, Linux or AIX print systems and I can't get the printer to do anything in Page Mode at all.

Has anybody been able to get Zebra Printers working correctly on an AIX server and if so, how?
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According to this page the printer was discontinued Sept. 2012, the service and support for it discontinued EOJ 2015. I suppose you will need to get some newer (supported) model if you don't want to create the driver yourself. According to the cited page the replacement model is the ZD410 but as far as i can see there is no AIX driver supported for it, so i suggest to get some supported printer instead.

I hope this helps.

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Thank you for the response.

How would I create a driver myself?
Do you know of any documentation on how to do that?
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Originally Posted by DLooney
How would I create a driver myself?
Actually a good question! search the net for the piobe and the rembak commands. piobe is the print job manager program, the rembak sends the job to the print server. rembak is a shell script and you can do all sorts of manipulations to the data stream to be sent inside it before actually sending it. Now you need to find out about the printers control sequences (perhaps in the printer documentation) and you can build your own post-processor for this specific printer.

Be warned, though: how you do it is - see above - simple to explain but that doesn't mean it is easy to accomplish. It is probably a tedious task and you might be cheaper off overall if you just buy a new printer. On the other hand i did that once ~25 years ago and learned a lot about the AIX printing system. Experience like this is a absolutely excellent learning experience, so if you want to try it: more power to you!

I hope this helps.

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