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Tks Bakunin for clear explanation. My NIM server is 7.1 not 7.2 as recommendation from the people in this thread Smilie
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Originally Posted by Phat
I have rebooted the machine, and I can boot it to AIX, but it's an older AIX version 6.1 and not the current one 7.1
This is what made me think it is 6.1. 7.1 is OK, as long as you understand that the NIM-server has to be higher than anything else it serves.

Also, the NIM server is usually not a productive system and it doesn't matter if it is available all the time. This is why it is an ideal test-bed for new AIX versions and to get experience with them. This is why i like to have it at the "bleeding edge of technology", whereas i am far more conservative when it comes to productive systems.

I hope this helps.

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