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AIX system dump analysis

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Operating Systems AIX AIX system dump analysis
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I am a bit puzzled, and at home with no AIX box to check, I am surprised by the thread itself, if I were to deal with a machine suspicious reboot, I would start by having a look at the error reports:
errpt  -a

then after finding the cause or possible cause, and the diag in the report ( permanent /software etc...) I would start to scratch my head and search for more clues if needed, because truly from the core dump its hard work if you have no idea for what you are after..
So what did you find in the error report?
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i post your request. Please check it.

[root]:/ >lslpp -l |grep
  bos.mp64          COMMITTED  Base Operating System 64-bit
  bos.mp64          COMMITTED  Base Operating System 64-bit
[root]:/ >ls -l /unix
lrwxrwxrwx    1 root     system           21 Sep 03 2012  /unix -> /usr/lib/boot/unix_64

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Your 6.1 kernel was first released in November 9, 2007 and the end of support date was 2017-04-30.

This means your kernel has been unsupported for over two years.

Your first solution is to upgrade to a newer AIX kernel.

Reference: IBM AIX - Wikipedia
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There's a known issue with the 9117-MMC's that can affect system stability. I believe it was ECA337.
I do not believe the kernel has any issues. I've a few AIX 6.1 running some older TL's and they have been rock solid. In fact, looking at your lslpp -l outputs you are using the same TL as myself (6.1 tl7 sp4).

I'd start with looking at your firmware levels of the 9117's, the adapter FW levels as well. Is this lpar part of a HA Cluster? There's a known memory leak that causes a system crash every so many months if your on some versions of HACMP. IBM does offer extended service for AIX 6.1, but there will be no new fixes.

Looking over what has been posted there was a memory exception. Was this running an in house program?

I'm not very good at looking at dumps, and the few times had to rely on IBM/software vendor to address.
I'd start looking at errpt, your firmware, if you are in need of ECA337.

A 9117 isn't a low end frame either, so I'd hope you have IBM support for assistance?
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thank you for reply
the host is only oracle database machine.
i've got a message from oracle that the problem is not oracle.

Ok, what does mean ECA337?
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Originally Posted by tomato00

i've got a message from oracle that the problem is not oracle.

Ok, what does mean ECA337?
Sounds like the standard Oracle reply! And likely isn't. There's a few known issues with 6.1 TL7. Just a quick example: IBM IV32943: MEMORY LEAK IN NFS CODE APPLIES TO AIX 6100-07

ECA337 was a notification sent out to owners of P770's and P780's regarding a potential fault in the I/O backplane. It's an engineering change, and would have taken about 1.5 hours for a CE to address. This was announced back in March of 2017 I think. I had a pair of 9117-MMC's that were affected.
I'd give your IBM rep a call and see if its still being offered. I haven't looked up the service life on those units yet. I know my small 740's are coming up on their EOS dates.
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hi RecoveryOne,

Thank you so much.
we will upgrade Firmware of the machine and SP of OS

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