[Discussion] AIX future

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[Discussion] AIX future


Can someone tell me the future of AIX and its popularity? As I know there are not much companies using it and its latest version 7.2 was introduced in the long time. Many colleagues advise not to go further with it?

With my current situation, I have to maintain the environment for customer, so I have to Smilie

Could someone point out some figures about it such as number of companies, the value in the career path? Of course can be estimation.
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I have not used AIX in two decades, but I can relay a story about AIX based on a recent experience.

A highly skilled AIX expert I know was down on his luck and recently and I offered to help him. I have a friend who is in a very senior position at BMW in Germany and he is always glad to help me when he can (and I also always help him out when I can).

I mentioned to my friend that I knew someone who was out of work, a bit down on his luck, and looking for an AIX position and asked if BMW had any AIX positions available.

My friend said he was very sorry but BMW had moved to become a full "RedHat" shop years ago, and if the person I knew who was looking for a job had strong Linux skills, and in particular AIX skills, please have them contact BMW. He said BMW was always looking for talented RedHat people and has a lot of openings (and showed me a link to their web site which shows those job openings).

I think this is fairly comment these days.
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oh, I can see, the future is not so bright as Redhat becomes very common nowadays.
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Originally Posted by Phat
oh, I can see, the future is not so bright as Redhat becomes very common nowadays.
I think it is just basic business economics. RedHat is a lot cheaper to use than AIX since IBM is expensive; and the world has shifted and there are a lot of very talented Linux people on the market. This is very different than it was a decade or so ago, when Linux people has trouble finding work. Now the tides have reversed, from what I have seen. But since I am not directly in the job market my knowledge is limited.
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