AIX hdisk Mirror vs alt_clone

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Operating Systems AIX AIX hdisk Mirror vs alt_clone
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AIX hdisk Mirror vs alt_clone


I have two hdisk in Power7 machine, the rootvg on hdisk0.
So to make a disk redundancy should make mirror or alt_clone and what is the different.

Appreciate your help

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Not sure I understood your request...
I have two hdisk in Power7 machine, the rootvg on hdisk0.
So I should understand of which one is used in rootvg
So to make a disk redundancy should make mirror or alt_clone and what is the different.
This is more tricky... my question is what are you trying to achieve, depending and the answer, you can decide what is best
If you are looking to suppress a SPOF then you should head for a mirror, but this only makes sense if you have true physical internal disk
the only other case I see ( which was true for me a while ago...) is because you are on a san that is duplicated ( 2 bays in mirror on 2 different sites...) only now most big bays do that natively...
So if you are not in those configurations alt_clone is the way to go...
The difference ?
in mirror in case of failure you continue to be up and working with the remaining disk.. its transparent but if you forget to replace the disk and it crashes...
alt_clone, is making a clone of that disk, and so you can boot from it but it will be used only on request... e.g. you patch and something goes wrong, you boot on your alternate which is normally in the situation before the patching...
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