Maxuproc parameter and number of processes

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Well, I am the one with the root privileges. However the app - WebSphere MQ - is running under its own nonpriviliged user account. When I log in remotely, I am also using my own nonprivileged user then use sudo to change privileges if needed.

The problem were visible to all nonprivileged user and even root user, running most commands,

ps -ef shows all processes for all users. Almost. ps aux is listing all processes for all users, even those not attached to a terminal.

Now I do not have the opportunity to repeat the situation, but my guess is that ps aux would be able to show all the entries I wanted for.

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I'm no AIX expert, but i did use MQ on linux platforms.

First, when installing MQ, there are kernel parameters which should be set.
IBM Knowledge Center Error

There is also a utility (mentioned in the docs) which will check if everything is set properly system wise for MQ software on various platforms.
It is called mqconfig.

Set everything as written and you should have no issues, unless you are having extreme loads or running other software on box along with MQ.

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Also check LWPs! Usually it is
ps -eLf

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Originally Posted by trifo75
The relevant parameters of the relevant user are:

Well, yes, maybe I was on a wrong track and the limit was not the number of processes, but some other limit. In this case my question is, why did the raise of maxuproc suppress the problem?
To be honest, i am out of (simple) ideas that could easily be conveyed over the internet. I am pretty sure there is something deeply amiss with your system and you should contact the systems administrator immediately. It might well be that you - as non-administrator - could not even see the problem that is causing this and he is in a much better position than i am to determine what exactly that is (in fact he can actually see the system - that helps along the determination a lot).

As Don said, the number of processes running are what they seem to be and you did follow the correct procedure to get the number. I doubt that this is your problem but i am equally at a loss when it comes to offer alternative explanations. In any case, PLEASE TELL US the solution once you got it, because this is something i dearly want to add to my knowledge. I'll be indebted to you.

Sorry for being not more of a help, but if you have questions (regarding this or anything else) i can answer you are welcome.


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The "maxuproc" parameter is limiting the size of process table in AIX.

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maxuproc limits the number of processes per user. In other words, each user can run up to maxuproc processes in parallel.
And 10 users can run a total of 10*maxuproc processes.
The limit does not apply for uid=0.
See also this article.
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Without digging into the system's header files, you should be able to retrieve your current system's allowed number of processes per user with the command:
getconf CHILD_MAX

which is defined to return the system's current value for the maximum number of simultaneous processes per real user ID. Note that this says nothing about the size of the kernel's process table which must contain one slot for each process that is currently active. Note that in this case, active means has been started and its exit status has not yet been collected by its parent (or if its parent has died, collected by the system's garbage collector [a process named init on some systems]).

In the old days, the size of the process table was fixed when the kernel was built. Most of today's systems attempt to grow the pricess table as needed rather than failing fork()s when the process table fills up. But, if the kernel runs out of memory, a normal user's fork() will fail and a super-user's fork() may kill off a normal user's running process to allow the super-user to create a new process. What actually happens in these cases varies considerably from system to system.

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