Powervm ivm vios

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Powervm ivm vios


After installing on P6 which is POWERVM IVM VIOS enabled (VET CODE D21C77ACD9229817CA1F00002C10004164 )

i get this message

"I/O hosting requires a hosting partition - boot not permitted".

HMC was connected to the machine
then HMC was removed through ASMI

Searching on google found this
I/O hosting requires a hosting partition - boot not permitted
exit called ok

This happened with me when I created an AIX LPAR, but a VIO image was installed on the disk, where I wanted to boot from.
(When there is a mismatch between the LPAR type and the booting image this error will pop up....I guess.)
But doesn't mention solution,
how can one solve "mismatch between the LPAR type and the booting image"
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Originally Posted by filosophizer
how can one solve "mismatch between the LPAR type and the booting image"
hmm, just to make sure i understand the situation correctly:

- you have (POWER6) managed system
- you want to boot from an internal disk
- on the disk a VIOS image is installed

On the case of 3 "yes"es: you need to install the LPAR anyway, so boot it via NIM methods (mksysb+spot). You can the select the disk to install to and this disk will be wiped first, so the VIOS image will go away. Only then (after installation) you can boot from the disk.

I hope this helps.

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Googled it, and many users have similar issues and no solution is posted:

here is the solution:
1) Check the firmware

2) Check if the machine has VET VIOS POWERVM IVM key license enabled

3) HMC should be disconnected from the machine

CoD Capability Settings 

Capability bit information	Capability bit status/count
0 AIX allowed (license needed)	False
1 AIX allowed (license not needed)	True
2 RPA I/O hosting	True
3 AIX diagnostics	True
4 Subprocessor partitioning	True
5 LPAR creation allowed	True
6 3D work-station graphics card OK	True
7 External GX busses OK	True
8 i5/OS partitions allowed	True
9 Limit the number of i5/OS processors allowed	False
10 Reserved	False
11 100% interactive	False
12 Memory bandwidth	False
16 Extreme boot capability	False
31 HV I/O allowed	True
32 Number of 5250 users	0

Hardware Management Consoles 

 √	Connection Id	Address ( IP )	State
	7042CR4*107A0CB	Not Applicable	Temporary Disconnect

Hardware Management Consoles7042CR4*107A0CB: Successfully disconnected

Operation completed successfully

power down and power on the system and it should work

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