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P6 was managed by HMC, tried to install on it VIOS 2.2.6
and got this error message

Hosting requires a hosting partition -- boot not permitted
IBM VIOS AIX HMC Error-vios_4jpeg

vios-4 —

then after creating an lpar in HMC got this message

vios-3 —

anyone know how to solve this problem ? Objective here is to make the system as standalone VIOS Machine.

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Hi, you need to have the entitlement to run the VIO.
You should contact your IBM sales rep.
This would be a Capacity on Demand code you can enter via the HMC.

Other options could be if you have the entitlement to run VIO's

When building up the lpar from the hmc, you chose AIX and not VIO.

Your firmware is really out of date and need to upgrade.
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I just want to know the info, so, we build the lpar with AIX first and then install VIO software (kind of this) on that AIX lpar. Please correct me.

When building up the lpar from the hmc, you chose AIX and not VIO.
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For sake of argument I'm going to assume HMC's are V8.1 or lower so we can use the 'Classic' interface. I have nothing newer so can't provide accurate setup beyond 8.1. I know IBM has brought back the classic interface in HMC V8.7, and called it Enhanced Plus.
My apologies I wasn't clear, I was trying to say it looked like filosophizer may have select the 'AIX or Linux' for create partion and then tried to install the VIO. The Power frames will not let you do that. You must use the right partition type.

Select the server from System Management, then under Tasks expand Configuration, Create Partion, then select VIO Server

This will take you to a wizard to let you define the partion id, name, define a profile, set processors and memory, Physical IO and virtual adapters.
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