Setting up NIM for different networks

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Operating Systems AIX Setting up NIM for different networks
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Old 10-11-2018
Well, guys, thanks for your advices.

I'd rather not share internal network informations here fully open to the internet. I also contacted IBM support personnel and no luck there either.
I will keep on experimenting, but for now I had to have a solution, so I installed my hosts out of mksysb images from the VIO server.
Even though I will need NIM config later.

So, thanks for you help!

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Old 10-16-2018
I have got the solution eventually: there were 2 routing entry in my network (ent) object. routing1 was the default, which were added when the ent object was created. routing2 were added later by me. I had to remove routing1 by issuing

nim -o change -a routing1='' my-remote-network

Now it is working.


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