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Lenovo v3700 v2 direct connect to AIX

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Operating Systems AIX Lenovo v3700 v2 direct connect to AIX
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Old 08-27-2018
Yeah this Network address is the WWPN ,i manually added that wwpn in storewize but the host is offline.

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The issue is the AIX 7.1 p7 is not communicating with lenovo storewize v3700 v2 .the physical connectivity is established but when AIX OS loads it is not communicating with storage.
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Old 08-27-2018
Originally Posted by khalid khanAIB
Yeah this Network address is the WWPN ,i manually added that wwpn in storewize but the host is offline.
Notice that this is a dual-port Adapter. Maybe you connected the other port? And in addition, notice that the adapter has TWO WWPNs: "Network Address" and "Z8". This is needed for live partition mobility.

I hope this helps.

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Old 08-27-2018
I already added both fcs0 and fcs1 wwpn in storewize.
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Old 08-27-2018
As I mentioned on my forum - but repeating here as it is busier: Have you checked with Lenova for an AIX driver and/or that the AIX MPIO driver is supported?
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