IBM Power 740 won't boot after firmware update

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Operating Systems AIX IBM Power 740 won't boot after firmware update
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Old 07-26-2018
IBM Power 740 won't boot after firmware update

A team member installed the wrong version of License Code on a Power 740 system used in our Development environment.

The system will no longer boot.

Does anyone have IBM documentation or experience to share on recovering a system that currently reports "Unsupported License Code version detected" on boot-up?

We plan to contact IBM Support if no one has run into this before.

Kevin Dailey
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Old 08-15-2018
Did he install on temp or permanent side. If on temp you should be able to boot from the permanent side (old firmware).

It has been ages since I have updated firmware without an active partition to update from. Although I believe the preferred method now would be to try and use an HMC to update the system.

What 4 or 8 letter code does the panel show when you power on the system (also check the ASMI interface for the history of the codes).
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