Source port on AIX for NAS is same?

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Source port on AIX for NAS is same?

In AIX servers, for mounting NAS mount points only 1021 1022 1023 are used as source ports on more than 300 servers while destination port on storage end is 2049, is there any settings on servers where these ports are defined for mounting NAS mount points? Any body faced this scenario?

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Do you mean NAS? Or did you mean NFS?
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Hmmmm....ok......can you elaborate on why you are asking this question please.

Are you trying to make a NAS accessible from a large number of servers concurrently? What problems are you facing?

Certainly mountd and lockd can be configured to use a different port but now I'm not sure that is relevant to your question.

IBM How to force mountd/lockd to use a specific port. - United States
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"services" is only about the destination port.
Tweaking the source port range and others But this is Linux.
In AIX might be hard coded. Some parameters are changeable with the no command.
A list of these:
no -a

This post (in this forum!) suggests the nfso command.

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In AIX system, we face NAS issue on system.

root]df -gt
/var /data <- NAS  mount point

Not working:-
NFS is trying to mount using

in AIX , if we type "nfso -a"
we see some parameters, in which there is one which states that
nfs_use_reserved ports= 1 (use ports less than 1024)
nfs_use_reserved ports= 0(use ports more than 1024)

however keeping "0" value here does resolve the NAS issue of mounting but it is not safe as per SCD to allow NAS coomunication to happen between aix client and storage on random ports.

but when we keep 1 we face the issue as it only takes 1021 1022 1023 ports as source port for mounting.

so my question is , can we specified that only 3000 to 3020 ports be used for NAS mount points?

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According to this link you can add a line to /etc/environment

that will be inherited in a new login shell.
(I am not sure how/if this will spread to a "NFS mount at boot".)
I do not understand why you bother with the source ports; it does not matter at all, and usually a firewall does not have rules about source ports.
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