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Emacs on AIX 7.2

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Operating Systems AIX Emacs on AIX 7.2
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Old 04-19-2018
Emacs on AIX 7.2

After I had successfully installed bash I wanted to install emacs. I downloaded the packages from IBM (emacs, emacs-nox, and emacs-X11), but I could not install emacs-X11. It needs libjpeg and libtiff, but I couldn't install both libs. Error messages:
file /opt/freeware/64 from install of libjpeg-6b-6.ppc conflicts with file from package libtiff-3.8.2-1.ppc
file /opt/freeware/64/lib from install of libjpeg-6b-6.ppc conflicts with file from package libtiff-3.8.2-1.ppc
And the other way when installing libjpeg first.

What's wrong?

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Old 04-19-2018
Well as the message says... conflict with package means you have dependancy issues, is the libtiff the most recent version? (Not at work so cant check...). If you are sure you have the correct dependancies but one wants the other...create a directory but all those dependancies together and install then using as last agrument ( what to install...) * (like *.rpm)
Now I am surprised the files you are using are .ppc which looks like IBM source, which might mean you have some ( /opt/freeware?) package using more recent libraries installed from perzl...
so check all your dependancies ( and to what products are using what...)
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Old 04-19-2018
Originally Posted by BuSchu
I downloaded the packages from IBM (emacs, emacs-nox, and emacs-X11), but I could not install emacs-X11.
This usually happens when you mix rpms from Perzl and from the IBM Linux toolbox. In the other thread you said that you downloaded the bash rpm from Perzl and i suppose you installed several rpms with libaries from there too. I suppose this is what causes the error.

Generally either use Perzls rpms exclusively (which i would recommend, they are newer, better maintained and better packaged than the laughable effort of IBM) or stick to IBMs rpms. Both sets work, but mixing them usually creates problems.

I hope this helps.


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