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Nimol: full backup,is possible?


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Old Unix and Linux 2 Weeks Ago   -   Original Discussion by Linusolaradm1
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Nimol: full backup,is possible?

I have a NIMOL(nim on linux) server working. It do a full backup of my rootvg with those commands

nimol_config -r -L old-2018

 nimol_config -m /usr/bin/ssh -C -L new-2018

nimol_backup -c ibmaix -L new-2018

My question is: is possible like hp-ux do with "make_tape_recovery" a FULL backup wich include others vg's than rootvg? Thanks
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Old Unix and Linux 1 Week Ago   -   Original Discussion by Linusolaradm1
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Originally Posted by Linusolaradm1 View Post
My question is: is possible like hp-ux do with "make_tape_recovery" a FULL backup wich include others vg's than rootvg? Thanks
Yes, but it will take a bit of work on your part: NIM is basically a system management platform and full backups (opposed to system images) are not in the center of its scope.

There is a command savevg, which does essentially the same as mksysb, but without the boot loader and the possibility to install a system from it. In fact mksysb is a savevg rootvg with some additional logic so that you can boot a system from it and install it.

You can write a NIM resource of the type "script", which lists the volume groups in a system (filter out rootvg and similarly uninteresting ones) and then run a savevg $vg on each of them, sending the files to the NIM server. Now you can call this script from either the NIM master or the client using NIM methods.

I hope this helps.

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