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Transaction based resources

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Operating Systems AIX Transaction based resources
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Old 03-22-2018
Transaction based resources

How do I determine the resources needed based on volume of transactions. By resources I mean, the cores, memory etc. Is there a way to arrive at that value?
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Old 03-27-2018
Originally Posted by ggayathri
How do I determine the resources needed based on volume of transactions. By resources I mean, the cores, memory etc. Is there a way to arrive at that value?
This question is about the same as "how much petrol does it take to go 100 miles" - without any specification of details it cannot be answered. In the above version: a bycicle would need no petrol at all, a car maybe 10l and a tank perhaps 200l of diesel. In your question: it depends on the transactions, the type of processor, the database used, the amount of memory, etc., etc....

In addition there is no fixed values for this - a lot of these estimations are done on experience. So, without you telling us more about your requirement we can't answer your question, not even with a rough estimation.

I hope this helps.


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