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Nim server "Unable to execute remote client commands"


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Old Unix and Linux 1 Week Ago   -   Original Discussion by getrue
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Nim server "Unable to execute remote client commands"


What is its mean? Could you please help me?

Best regards,

root@nimserver:/> nimadm -j nimadmvg -c dev4 -s spot1 -l lpp_source1 -d "hdisk7" -Y
Initializing the NIM master.
Initializing NIM client dev4.
0042-006 c_rsh: (exec_nimsh_cmd) exec_cmd Error 0

poll: setup failure
0505-159 nimadm: WARNING, unexpected result from remote command
to dev4.
0505-153 nimadm: Unable to execute remote client commands.
Cleaning up alt_disk_migration on the NIM master.

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Old Unix and Linux 5 Days Ago   -   Original Discussion by getrue
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Originally Posted by getrue View Post

What is its mean?
The NIM master communicates with the NIM client either via r-commands (rsh, rexec, ...) or via a special protocol nimsh. Either there is a configuration mismatch (server wants to use one, client the other) OR the configured service is not running on your client OR the communication is blocked (like by a firewall in between).

Which one it is you will have to analyse.

I hope this helps.

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