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Clconfd deamon on HACMP


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Old Unix and Linux 11-14-2017   -   Original Discussion by LoLo92
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Clconfd deamon on HACMP


In my HACMP cluster in 2 nodes, on active node, I have a core generated , so in errpt errors, I see BC3BE5A3 and the Failing Module is "clconfd" because "caavg_private" exists in this active node.

This deamon "clconfd" is inoperative.
Should I restart this deamon dynamically ?

Do you think that core is generated because "clconfd" is stopped ?
I checked on other cluster, and clconfd is always active.

Should I send a snap to IBM first before restarting clconfd ?

Thanks for your help.
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Old Unix and Linux 11-15-2017   -   Original Discussion by LoLo92
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Assuming you have paid-for support from IBM (given that you want to send them a snap) then that would probably be the best option, or just open a PMR and give them all the details from here.

I don't know if your cluster is in production/productive (non-prod but still important) use, but if it is then they will help you avoid risks of downtime and if something goes wrong then management will have a contractual place to blame rather than just yourself.

Sorry to shy away, but I no longer work with AIX clusters, so I can explore for you.

Kind regards,
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Old Unix and Linux 11-15-2017   -   Original Discussion by LoLo92
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Continue this in your other thread, here.
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