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RAID level of array = false?

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Operating Systems AIX RAID level of array = false?
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Old 05-17-2006
RAID level of array = false?

I created a RAID 5 array and when I list out the attributes of the "hdisk" it reports back raid_level = 5 but the RAID level of the array = false. What does this actually indicate about my array? I've never paid much attention to this until now since I have a disk reporting failure I want to make sure I am (was?) working with a raid 5 array so I can rebuild the disk.

<host>:/# lsattr -El hdisk5
pvid none Physical volume identifier False
queue_depth 16 Queue DEPTH True
raid_level 5 RAID level of the array False
read_ahead no Read ahead enabled False
size 277720 Capacity of the array in MB False

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ATARAID(4)						   BSD Kernel Interfaces Manual 						ATARAID(4)

ataraid -- ATA software RAID support SYNOPSIS
device ata device ataraid DESCRIPTION
The ataraid driver provides support for so-called software RAID (sometimes referred to as fake RAID or pseudo RAID). When a controller that supports software RAID is instructed to create a RAID array, its BIOS writes data structures in a specific metadata format to the disks. These data structures are picked up by the ataraid driver, so that FreeBSD can work with the array. The ataraid driver has to understand the specific metadata format of a controller BIOS in order to support its RAID capabilities. Read-only support for a metadata format means that FreeBSD can use the given RAID array for normal read/write operations. Creation and rebuild of such arrays has to be done from the controller BIOS. Read and write support for a metadata format means that FreeBSD can use the given RAID array for normal read/write operations. Additionally, the atacontrol(8) utility can be used to create, rebuild, update and fail such RAID arrays. The ataraid driver can read the following metadata formats: o Adaptec HostRAID o Highpoint V2 RocketRAID o Highpoint V3 RocketRAID o Intel MatrixRAID o Integrated Technology Express (ITE) o JMicron o LSI Logic V2 MegaRAID o LSI Logic V3 MegaRAID o NVIDIA MediaShield o Promise FastTrak o Silicon Image Medley o Silicon Integrated Systems (SiS) o VIA Tech V-RAID o FreeBSD PseudoRAID The ataraid driver can write the following metadata formats: o Highpoint V2 RocketRAID o Intel MatrixRAID o JMicron o Promise FastTrak o Silicon Integrated Systems (SiS) o VIA Tech V-RAID o FreeBSD PseudoRAID It is also possible to use software RAID on controllers that do not have special software RAID capabilities. See atacontrol(8) for details. FILES
/dev/ar* ATA RAID device nodes SEE ALSO
ata(4), atacontrol(8) CAVEATS
RAID5 is not supported at this time. Code exists, but it neither uses nor maintains parity information. AUTHORS
The ataraid driver was written by Soren Schmidt <>. This manual page was written by Christian Brueffer <>. BSD
February 17, 2006 BSD

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