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GPS Clock Not Synchronised


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Old Unix and Linux 08-31-2017   -   Original Discussion by leecopper
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GPS Clock Not Synchronised

Hi guys,

I got some error on my application server mentioning that gps clock not sync to my db server.

what is the command to check is my server is sync with the gps clock?
appreciate if you guys can let me know how to troubleshoot this problem.

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Old Unix and Linux 08-31-2017   -   Original Discussion by leecopper
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What gps application are you running?
What exact error?
What exact OS?

We could guess and then play 200 questions before we ever got to an answer. A well informed question avoids all this. You want an answer, we want to help. As it stands we both lose.

Next to useless guess:
FWIW GPS receivers run on GPS time which does not have leap seconds, it is possible that you do. It is similar to UTC in most other ways, but many system clocks do not support the granularity GPS requires as well. The time zone is called TAI, or atomic clock time. GPS time corrections are held in the ephemeris data on satellites.

Here may be what you are dealing with:
The Unix leap second mess

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