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Unable to extend file system


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Old 08-04-2017
Unable to extend file system


I have inherited this AIX 5.3 host. I'm unable to increase the /usr file system. It gives me this error.

What needs to be done to remove this error?

vios:/home/padmin$ chfs -a size=+128M /usr
0516-304 lquerypv: Unable to find device id 0002ef4df616f9690000000000000000 in the Device
        Configuration Database.
0516-788 extendlv: Unable to extend logical volume.
vios:/home/padmin$ lsvg -l rootvg
LV NAME             TYPE       LPs   PPs   PVs  LV STATE      MOUNT POINT
hd5                 boot       1     2     2    closed/syncd  N/A
hd6                 paging     4     8     2    open/syncd    N/A
paging00            paging     8     16    2    open/syncd    N/A
hd8                 jfs2log    1     2     2    open/syncd    N/A
hd4                 jfs2       2     4     2    open/syncd    /
hd2                 jfs2       13    26    2    open/syncd    /usr
hd9var              jfs2       5     10    2    open/syncd    /var
hd3                 jfs2       9     18    2    open/syncd    /tmp
hd1                 jfs2       31    62    2    open/syncd    /home
hd10opt             jfs2       2     4     2    open/syncd    /opt
lg_dumplv           jfs        8     16    2    closed/stale  N/A
fwdump              jfs2       1     2     2    open/syncd    /var/adm/ras/platform
dumplv              sysdump    7     7     1    open/syncd    N/A
vios:/home/padmin$ lspv
hdisk0          0002ef4d0206744e                    rootvg          active
hdisk2          0002ef4df6770012                    clientpool      active
hdisk4          0002ef4d25f0f1d8                    nfsvg           active
hdisk3          0002ef4d02a2110a                    rootvg          active

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Unable to extend file system Please use CODE tags as required by forum rules!

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Old 08-04-2017

Not that up to speed with the VIOS server stuff, but padmin is a restricted shell - shouldn't you be root?

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Old 08-04-2017
You do appear to be on the VIO server. Try looking at the output of help to find what commands they have provided. You can become the root user, but I presume that it is very easy to do bad things to multiple OSs that you would use for your business applications, hence why IBM shield you from it on a VIO server.

When you say you have AIX 5.3, I presume you mean that the business applications are running on that.

If this really is your business application and we're just getting confused by the prompt, can you show us the output from lslv -l hd2 and lslv -m hd2

Kind regards,
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Old 08-04-2017
vios:/home/padmin$ lslv -l hd2
PV                COPIES        IN BAND       DISTRIBUTION
hdisk0            013:000:000   100%          000:000:013:000:000
hdisk3            013:000:000   100%          000:000:013:000:000
vios:/home/padmin$ lslv -m hd2
LP    PP1  PV1               PP2  PV2               PP3  PV3
0001  0260 hdisk0            0231 hdisk3
0002  0261 hdisk0            0232 hdisk3
0003  0262 hdisk0            0233 hdisk3
0004  0263 hdisk0            0234 hdisk3
0005  0264 hdisk0            0235 hdisk3
0006  0265 hdisk0            0236 hdisk3
0007  0266 hdisk0            0237 hdisk3
0008  0267 hdisk0            0238 hdisk3
0009  0268 hdisk0            0239 hdisk3
0010  0269 hdisk0            0240 hdisk3
0011  0270 hdisk0            0241 hdisk3
0012  0271 hdisk0            0242 hdisk3
0013  0272 hdisk0            0243 hdisk3

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Old 08-04-2017
Do you get anything from these:-
help                   # VIOS shell would list the available commands
uname -a               # Checking the OS version and other labels to see if we can spot what this really is
ps -f                  # Just to see what shell you are really

Can you easily become root on this server? How, or why not?

Does this article help at all? VIOS COMMAND LINE: UNDER THE COVERS (AIX Down Under)

I'm still concerned that your business application might be running on the VIOS. It kind of can, but it's really not designed for it. Do you not have virtual guests for you business application? Are you sure you have the right /usr that needs to be extended? On a VIOS, ordinarily there would never be a need to extend it.

If you business application really is running on the VIOS, then an upgrade to the VIOS might destroy it. The VIOS only care about making sure the VIOS is working properly and sharing devices to the guests where the real business applications should run.

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Old 08-05-2017
vios:/home/padmin$ help

If available, you can refer to the Base Document Library
for general assistance.

Some basic Commands are:

    man -k keyword      - lists commands relevant to a keyword
    man command         - prints out the manual pages for a command
    cat                 - concatenates files (and just prints them out)
    vi                  - text editor
    ls                  - lists contents of directory
    mail                - sends and receives mail
    passwd              - changes login password
    sccshelp            - views information on the Source Code Control System
    smit                - system management interface tool
    tset                - sets terminal modes
    who                 - who is on the system
    write               - writes to another user

To find programs about mail, use the command:           man -k mail
and print out the man command documentation via:        man mail
You can log out of the system by typing:                exit

vios:/home/padmin$ lsvg -p rootvg
0516-304 : Unable to find device id 0002ef4df616f969 in the Device
        Configuration Database.
0002ef4df616f969  removed           546         538         110..101..109..109..109
hdisk0            active            546         454         109..89..38..109..109
hdisk3            active            546         469         109..104..38..109..109

---------- Post updated at 07:17 PM ---------- Previous update was at 07:13 PM ----------

I have mentioned AIX 5.3 because its the information I got from this host using oslevel command.

I see lsvg -p rootvg command also list the device 0002ef4df616f969 as removed.

To become root , I used the command oem_setup_env

vios:/home/padmin$ whoami

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Old 08-07-2017
So, yes, this is the VIO server, not where the business applications run, so that is good to know. Can I presume that there are a pair of VIO servers in play here so that the disk for the guests can have two paths to each disk, or at least each guest would have two allocations of disk that it can mirror?

Can you tell us more about this server configuration? I'm a little concerned that you might have an exposure to hardware failure.

To clean up the removed disk, see if this helps - IBM Resolving "missing" or "removed" disks in AIX LVM - United States It took a long time for me to load the page.

Also, have a read of this for some good background on VIO servers - The VIO cheat sheet

I hope that these help.

I would, however, worry that you might be trying to grow the wrong filesystem What makes you think that the VIO server needs to have /usr increased? Surely this is more likely for the guest that you have your business application running in. Is there something filling /usr and if so, which one? (VIOS or the business application LPAR) If it's the business application guest, then leave /usr for the VIO server alone. It's not really yours.

Kind regards,

Last edited by rbatte1; 08-07-2017 at 08:42 AM..
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