Samba Woes

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Operating Systems AIX Samba Woes
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Samba Woes

Hi all

With the recent virus attacks we have been tasked with upgrading Samba to a "secure" version. Currently running 3.0.29a and looking to put the latest version down 4.6.5.
Being a lazy bod I have only ever installed this, a long time ago, when you could get it in BFF filesets. Have downloaded numerous RPMs today and just keep hitting roadblock after roadblock
Latest issue is with trying to check the version "smbd --version". I get an error " Dependent module could not be loaded" and within the lib directory there is actually only .0 files and links to .1 etc
../lib/ ->

I tried downloading the source and that errors during the configure, but according to some info I have read that is related to a GCC bug and you need xlC but I have stopped short of an eval and am trying via pre-compiled RPMs

Going nowhere fast, this used to be a 5 minute job !

Any experience out there, OS is AIX6.1. Just playing on an old spare box before I even go near Prod


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I have no experience with compiling Samba on AIX, but there are a tad newer packages at Michael Perzl's (IBM) site My Open Source packages for AIX and Linux on POWER, 3.6.25 which might be a compromise.
You will find also different version of gcc and other tools and libs that might help to compile Samba. I doubt you need xlC.
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Hi Zaxxon

I'm afraid we need to be at 4.4 or later for compliance according to our Security Officer. Will have a bit more of a play and give in and talk to support if necessary, shame the quick install jobs aren't left alone as they always become FAR more complicated Smilie

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Hi splatty.

I see that the latest version form IBM (that I can find is 4.3.8 - which does not meet your requirements). I do package "stuff" in installp aka bff format (see my wiki via AIXTOOLS or the "browser" based at

While I am willing to look into packaging samba - would your security group accept packaging from someone like myself or Michael Perzl? And are you even looking?

Let me know your status and I'll take a look. If they have not developed too many GNU dependencies then it should not be too hard. I already have python, bash, and I think even logrotate as installp.
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Hi MichaelFelt

If you could create a 4.4+ version in install format then that would be great

The source is not important at the moment as I have plenty of test systems to install on that I can then get the security team to sign off on

Thanks for you help !!
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I'll start digging.
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Well, I have a build of samba-4.4.15 - but, the way the configure script sets up the libraries - nothing gets loaded.

In short, closer, but not there yet.

Update: 2 weeks later: Been on hold, but not forgotten. Can now post bugs re: samba in any case Smilie

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