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Clone 1 Hard disk fromIBM Intellipoint server with AIX 5.x


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Old Unix and Linux 06-21-2017   -   Original Discussion by trevian3969
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OK, now i got it: you were trying to clone a server. This is far easier done (and much more reliably so) by using the following information:

Investigate the mksysb command. It creates a backup image of a rootvg, but enriched by boot code and other information necessary to isntall a system from this image. You need a tape drive or disk space outisde of your rootvg to do it.

Result of the mksysb is a system image, basically a file. If it is written to some special devices (DVD, tape) it is bootable and you can use it on another system (doesn't even have to be identical, just sufficiently similar) to boot this and install it to a copy of the system from which you took it.

If you use any other device as a target (including a disk file) this will not be bootable by itself so you will need a boot media to boot the system and then you are able to still use the file as a source of installation arriving at the sasme result as above.

I hope this helps.

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