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AIX firewall accept established connection

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Operating Systems AIX AIX firewall accept established connection
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Old 09-29-2016
AIX firewall accept established connection

I'm trying to configure a firewall for AIX to accept incoming connections on ports 22 and 443 and deny everything else. All is ok; the server accepts connections only on 22 and 443, but after that I also need to accept all outgoing connections -- ssh and telnet, for example. So I started with
genfilt -v 4 -a P -s -m -d x.x.x.x -M -c tcp -o any -p 0 -O eq -P 22 -w I -i all
genfilt -v 4 -a P -s -m -d x.x.x.x -M -c tcp -o any -p 0 -O eq -P 443 -w I -i all
genfilt -v 4 -a D -s -m -d x.x.x.x -M -c tcp -o any -p 0 -O any -P 0 -w I -i all

Afterwards, I had to accept outgoing connections, so I introduced another rule:
genfilt -v 4 -a P -s -m -d x.x.x.x -M -c tcp -o any -p 0 -O eq -P 22 -w I -i all
genfilt -v 4 -a P -s -m -d x.x.x.x -M -c tcp -o any -p 0 -O eq -P 443 -w I -i all
**genfilt -v 4 -a P -s x.x.x.x -m -d -M -c tcp -o any -p 0 -O any -P 0 -r L -w O -i all**
genfilt -v 4 -a D -s -m -d x.x.x.x -M -c tcp -o any -p 0 -O any -P 0 -w I -i all

and after that tried more rules:
genfilt -v 4 -a P -s -m -d -M -c tcp/syn -o any -p 0 -O any -P 0 -w O -i all
genfilt -v 4 -a P -s -m -d -M -c tcp -o any -p 0 -O any -P 0 -w O -i all

But outgoing connections still not working, does anyone have any knowledge about this?

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