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Regarding nmon and large pages

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Operating Systems AIX Regarding nmon and large pages
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Old 08-03-2016
Regarding nmon and large pages

Hi Members,

To check the large pages configuration in AIX, this is what we use:

"nmon" followed by "Enter Key" followed by "L" (without any double quotes)

Is there any way that we can achieve the same in a single command.

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Old 08-07-2016
Originally Posted by adityar
"nmon" followed by "Enter Key" followed by "L" (without any double quotes)
Is there any way that we can achieve the same in a single command.
Yes: by reading the man page!

To quote from it: "-L" (without any double quotes) includes the large page analysis section.

I hope this helps.

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Old 08-08-2016
Hi Bakunin,

If my post reflects that I did not look at man page or did not try the option that you mentioned before posting here, I apologize.

This is what I get after issuing the command:

nmon -L

testbox >> nmon -L
│  ------------------------------                                                                                                                                      │
│  N    N  M    M   OOOO   N    N   For online help type: h                                                                                                            │
│  NN   N  MM  MM  O    O  NN   N   For command line option help:                                                                                                      │
│  N N  N  M MM M  O    O  N N  N      quick-hint  nmon -?                                                                                                             │
│  N  N N  M    M  O    O  N  N N    full-details  nmon -h                                                                                                             │
│  N   NN  M    M  O    O  N   NN   To start nmon the same way every time?                                                                                             │
│  N    N  M    M   OOOO   N    N    set NMON ksh variable, for example:                                                                                               │
│  ------------------------------    export NMON=cmt                                                                                                                   │


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Old 08-08-2016
First off, please use CODE-tags - not only for code but also for terminal output and file contents. I have edited them in for you and it makes readable output from the rubbish you had before. Thank you.

Originally Posted by adityar
If my post reflects that I did not look at man page or did not try the option that you mentioned before posting here, I apologize.
Ok, point taken, sorry. But at any rate, why don't you describe your problem? This includes what you have already tried and how and why it failed (as far as you know).*)

Here some more vital things are missing: what is your OS? (Yes, AIX, but which version, which TL, which SP, ...) What is the user under which you do it (root or otherwise, if otherwise: are there any sudo-rules in place or something similar)? Are there ACLs in play?

One of the reasons NMON refuses to work properly is some library are not readable/eecutable by the user under which it runs, this is the background of these questions.

Finally: which version of NMON do you use? Maybe you have an old/not properly packaged/whatever version.


*) Corollary: when you visit the doctor, do you tell him "i am ill" or do you describe every symptom as exactly as possible so that he can diagnose your ailment?
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Old 08-12-2016

the '-L' option is only valid in 'Recording mode'.

So the short answer: No, it is not possible to start directly the large page analysis in 'Interactive mode'.

But, if you have 'expect' installed there is a workaround:

alias nmonL='expect -c "spawn nmon; sleep 1; send \L; interact"'

Add these alias command to your .profile and run 'nmonL' - but that seems to be a little bit exaggerated Smilie

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Old 08-14-2016
vmstat -l

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