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Is it possible to configure bonding over bonded interface in AIX?

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Operating Systems AIX Is it possible to configure bonding over bonded interface in AIX?
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Old 06-19-2016
Is it possible to configure bonding over bonded interface in AIX?

Hi Everyone,

Is it possible to configure bonding over bonded interface in AIX?

For example:
server has for NIC port:

First I create a EtherChannel ent4 from ent0 and ent1.
and then I create a EtherChannel ent5 from ent2 and ent3.

Can I create a EtherChannel ent6 from ent4 and ent5?
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Old 06-19-2016
What do you think?
Did you try?
What happened?
Are ent4 and 5 NIB or 802.3ad?
What do you want to know - we need details.............
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