Disabling entries on inetd.conf (AIX).

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Operating Systems AIX Disabling entries on inetd.conf (AIX).
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Old 05-05-2016
Disabling entries on inetd.conf (AIX).


We're working on securing the AIX environment. started with disabling unused services on AIX.

Below are the entries which are not commented on my test LPAR (even other LPARs).

ntalk   dgram   udp     wait    root    /usr/sbin/talkd         talkd
daytime stream  tcp     nowait  root    internal
time    stream  tcp     nowait  root    internal
daytime dgram   udp     wait    root    internal
time    dgram   udp     wait    root    internal
caa_cfg stream  tcp6    nowait  root    /usr/sbin/clusterconf clusterconf >>/var/adm/ras/clusterconf.log 2>&1
xmquery dgram   udp6    wait    root    /usr/bin/xmtopas xmtopas -p3

I believe ntalk is used for conversation purpose (between users), can disable that. I'm going to disable caa_cfg, since we are not using any cluster software.

I would like to leave "xmquery" as it is, since its not going to impact security. Please correct me if am wrong ?

I've a question about below entries


will it affect my server functionality in anyway If I disable these services ?

Please provide your comments/suggestions. thanks
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Old 05-06-2016

google is your friend Smilie

Here you can find some informations:
Securing AIX Network Services

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