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AIX help -reconnect EMC lun

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Operating Systems AIX AIX help -reconnect EMC lun
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Old 01-21-2016
AIX help -reconnect EMC lun

we have an old AIX system with important data on an EMC LUN. the AIX server crashed and we had to rebuild it with the old AIX os 5.8. how do we reconnect the EMC LUN without losing the data?
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Old 01-22-2016

and welcome to this forum.

To answer your question we need more informations.

What have you done exactly to restore/rebuild your server?

What do you missing (LUNs, powerpath devices, VGs or Filesystems)?

What is the output of lspv, lspath, powermt display and lsdev -Ccdisk?

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Old 01-22-2016
There is no AIX 5.8. But there is PowerPath 5.8, which is not so old.
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Old 01-22-2016
sorry, we have OS... this is what we trying to do:

Our AIX 7038-6M2 server crashed and we tried to rebuild the server with latest image, but we could not, so we had to reinstall the software. Then we tried to reconnect the EMC LUN to the server but we could get it into an hdisk available state, IBM said it was not their problem and discontinued helping us.

Recently, our legal department informed us that they need the data off the EMC LUN. So we moved the EMC LUN connection to the AIX 7026 6H1 and was able to get the EMC LUN in a hdisk available state. We want mount the hdisk and get the data off of it, but we do not know how to do that without losing the data. We need help in doing that. Both AIX are at the same OSLEVEL

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Old 01-22-2016

execute the readvgda <HDISK> command to find out the hdisk with the necessary LV (data).
After this, you can use the command importvg <HDISK> to recover the VG, LVs and Filesystems.

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Old 01-25-2016
when i execute the import command i get:
root@UDB>importvg hdisk6
0516-022 : Illegal parameter or structure value.
0516-780 importvg: Unable to import volume group from hdisk6.

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Old 01-25-2016
I like people, who mark wrong answers with "thanks".

There was a question in the thread:
What is the output of lspv , lspath , powermt display and lsdev -Ccdisk ?
you didn't answer the question. I personally don't know your configuration. You've made something, received another error and want now help? Support, even on the forum, is not a one-way road. Please learn to read and answer.

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